Agility & Innovation In Action

About Us

AFTOGRAF, LLC is a software development company established in Overland Park, KS, USA in 2002. In our early years we developed Java Applicaton Server and e-commerce platform, later to be used in various online solutions and projects.

Employing agile development methodology and making the projects efficient, transparent and cost-effective we engaged with our clients, companies of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500. It helped AFTOGRAF to grow and expand the range of services.

With the arrival of smartphones - iPhone and Android - we entered the new area of mobile development. Using our prior expertise and capabilities in Java and C, we developed several successful apps for our clients. Later we started developing and publishing our own apps. These are the products we offer to mobile users worldwide today.

At AFTOGRAF, we believe software development is a form of art. We want our creativity and talent to work for you. Most projects and solutions, simple and complex alike, are built on ideas and business goals, not implementation specifics and even technology (which is secondary). Any project can be developed in a simple, smart and efficient way. It is people who often make things look complex. We are here to bring it back. In our field, at least.

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